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CCR Technologies is over 20 years in the business with  proven expertise in the complex world of analog & digital circuit boards that run most of the modern world.  We dig down to the component level, repairing or refurbishing electronics that might otherwise be replaced at high-cost or left idle, creating downtime and waste.

Computer Processor

Local to Guelph Ontario we Service Both the United States and Canada.

CCR Technologies Specialized in electronic repairs plus custom circuit board prototyping and Manufacturing. 

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CCR Technologies offers extensive electronics repair services for a variety of consumer, commercial and industrial equipment including  but not limited to circuit board diagnostics, PCB-level repairs, prototyping/manufacturing, surface-mount component repairs, equipment refurbishing, parts acquisition.

Custom Circuit Boards

CCR Tech specializes in custom circuit board prototyping & manufacturing.  We have the ability to develop and prototype your electronics design for a widget, add-on or adapter into an existing or new application. CCR Tech can also manufacture your prototype in small to large-scale volumes at competitive rates.

Contact us for a free quote, we service both Canada and the United States. 


Electronics have permeated nearly every walk of life.  So, it's no surprise that CCR Technologies has assisted a diverse range of companies and individuals, repairing everything from electronic controls on Excavators to Medical Sterilizers.

  • Linamar

  • CGL Manufacturing

  • McMaster University

  • Cox Excavating

  • Cambridge Coin

  • Huntsville General Hospital

  • Merit Glass

  • Ready Precision

  • Synergenics

  • White Car Limo Service

  • CT Tooling

  • Navid Manufacturing

  • Tri City Equipment

  • Autowatch Canada

  • Active Green and Ross Tire and Auto

  • James Thoume Construction

  • Devo Electric

  • CG Equipment

  • Neutron Electronics

  • Guelph Police Department


  • Floor Warming Systems

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