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If it has electronic components, CCR Tech can fix it

CCR has proven expertise in the complex world of analog & digital circuit boards that run most of the modern world.  We dig down to the component level, repairing or refurbishing electronics that might otherwise be replaced at high-cost or left idle, creating downtime and waste.

  • Industrial Controls

  • Industrial Test Equipment

  • Door Entry Systems

  • Commercial LCD, CRT, Plasma, VFD Displays

  • Arcade and Pinball Machines

  • Commercial AV/Audio Equipment

  • Security Systems

  • Oven and Thermal Control Boards

  • Construction Equipment Controls

  • Excavator / Farm Equipment Controls

  • Automotive Electronics, Modules, ECU

  • Commercial Appliance Circuit Boards

  • John Deere CAN Monitor Units

  • Commercial Plasma & IGBT Welders

  • Everything else with electronic components. Contact Us for a free quote.

CCR Tech specializes in custom circuit board prototyping & manufacturing.  We have the ability to develop and prototype your electronics design for a widget, add-on or adapter into an existing or new application. CCR Tech can also manufacture your prototype in small to large-scale volumes at competitive rates.

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